this has been a busy month. 
on the 6th i was supposed to go to this optometrist for some te4sts that help determine if one has dyslexia. i asked for good friday, and as far as i can tell, good friday never lands on a thursday. well, i was offered 1:45 and put on the books for thursday, april 5th. i didnt know they arent open on friday afternoons. so i took the 1:45 time thinking it was for the day i asked for. friday i received a call asking why i didnt show up for my thursday appointment. i was quite disappointed, and a little miffed. i still have not resceduled.
work has been crazy busy lately. where do all these infections come from?
more wellness exams on the 13th. my grandmothers birthday. she would have been about 110.
getting my taxes done has been a real hassle. im never using turbo tax again. it was so easy the first and second times. but i have an HSA account, and this seemed to cause problems. i also opted for the $49.95 deduction maximizer program, only to find that there is an additional charge of $34.95 for the state tax. maybe this was the case before, and i just dont remember because i was getting a return. this time i was looking at either $900 or $480 federal tax due … something about the HSA account. the state tax had two results as well. $80 return, or $46 owed. what a mess. and then to be charged extra for the state tax preparation guidance. im just rather put out by the whole thing.
maybe now i can get back to a more relaxed routine. i need a break. i miss visiting my usual blogs. i will be back!   sigh ….