below are five questions from Kelsey, at . she answered some questions from Alabaster , and posted them on her site. then she offered to ask questions worth answering if you didnt want to go with the alabaster questions. here are the questions she asked me. it was a delight and a challenge to answer them!

1-If you could be any movie or literary character who would you? What is it about that person which appeals to you most?

this is a tough one. there arent many people i would want to be, even though i may admire them greatly. there have been characters that i envied, for their living spaces, their adventures, or their qualities. there have those i enjoyed and would love to have as friends. there are even a few whom i have viewed vicariously, for reasons i will keep to myself. but, to be? i really cant think of anyone, real, fictional, male, female, or not human, that i would want to be.

2-As a child, which person in your life had the greatest impact on you either for good or bad?

i think miss brietenstien, my fifth grade teacher, had the greatest impact on me. in addition to her personal qualities of grace, patience, and a firm rule in an unruly class, she was genuine. i went to a catholic grade school, and most of the teachers there were the stereotypical harsh nuns, women who really didnt need to be in charge of rowdy children. there were three exceptions. sister christa mary, my first grade teacher, who truly walked in love. mrs ellis, my third grade teacher, who was really sweet, and loved frogs. and miss brietenstien.

the thing about her that i will ever be in her debt for, was that contrary to catholic doctrine, she didnt teach us that we were automatically saved because of our infant baptism, and being born to catholic parents. she taught us that salvation was a choice. i will never forget hearing her say that. it branded my soul, and like a seed planted, though many years later, came up into fruit and was a defining factor in my receiving Jesus as my Savior and Lord.

3-What values or characteristics do you admire most?

honesty tempered with tact. i really respect someone who can be true and real, but who also can refrain when the situation calls for it. 

the ability and willingness to respond, rather than react. people dont always know themselves. it pays to be able to read what is below the surface.

empathy. being able to feel what someone else is feeling. we all have the same kinds of struggles, despite how different our lives and personalities may be. what hurts you may not hurt me, but i know hurt. the triggers may vary, but we all feel joy, sorrow, pain, anticipation, and the like.

perspective. the world is full of the tyranny of the urgent. but what seems urgent may not be important. in the bigger picture, what are the things that really matter?

4-Would you rather be smart or have common sense? Why?

i would much rather have common sense than be smart. with common sense, you can find the knowledge you need, and apply it. i remember an old episode of ‘all in the family’ which i didnt watch but on occasion. edith was telling archie that he had book smarts, but she had people smarts, and she would much rather have that. it made me think. and when you look at the management structures of companies, or armies, its always the ones with common sense that make the thing run smoothly. its usually not the ones in charge, either …

5-Which is the most apt to touch you deeply, poetry, music, or a picture?

the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, that says it all for me.