just some updates on things around here.

first off sammy is doing well. she continues to have a good appetite, and still gets feisty when i give her fluids subcu. she is still the queen around here, and commands respect from the younger cats. maggie is a bit of a psycho princess, gizmo is a self absorbed knave, and thor is a jester. me? im the feline caretaker and part of the cat furniture. the pay is ok, but the amenities are great.

the silky mouse passed on. did i already mention that? i think domestic mice are bred to produce a lot of mice. i dont think the gene pool is all that resilient. the wild mouse, on the other hand, continues to thrive, coming from stronger stock. still have the cottony one and the brown and white one to keep him company.

my sister still wants me to get into her house. she suggested rent with option to buy. possibly. but i will have to see if this will put me into straights financially. i do like the house, but i dont like where it sits. but its not like i want to live there forever, either.

trying to do my taxes with turbo tax over the weekend was a bust. the results said i owe $900 + even after the deductions. holy crap! that cant be right!

still trying to come up with a date to reschedule for that dyslexia testing. sigh.