who knew? 
a couple of years ago our ford probe died in he middle of an intersection. it was paid for. of course. we bought a 2001 nissan altima, ocean blue. its a nice car. but its a four door, and i never thought id like a four door. doesnt quite drive like a sports car, but it is nice. i like our altima.
well, two weeks ago, thanks to many ebay sales and lots of recent over time, the beau thought it fir to puurchase a carpet cleaner for me. we had always rented those big boxy machines from tool stores before, but they are so cumbersome, and you have to do it all while you have it, and then bring it bsck. it just isnt very convenient. not for me.
so last weekend i set out to clean the whole carpet, doing the dinning room on saturday night and the living room on sunday. halfway through the job my vacuum cleaner quit. it was a sears kenmore that i had had for two years. they make the parts in korea or china now, then have panasonic assemble them here to sell for around $200. they last about two years. what a decent from the old sears kenmore quality.
i did manage to finish the job, using the floor attatchment and a small floor vac as a back up. after seeing hoew much dog hair my shampooer collected, i decided to get a decent vacuum.
today i went shopping for a new cannister, since thats what i like. but i ended up getting a kirby upright. i love kirbys. they are the best on the market. i got a rebuilt 1997 model for $400. im really pleased with it too. my grandmother had a kirby vacuum cleaner in the early sixties. my monther still uses it. they are srtill made in america. they are still made basically the way they were 30-40 years ago. they are still the best vacuum on the market. i am very pleased with it, too! happy me!