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I  have been rather busy these days, with working a new job, and trying to take care of business. with the beau being hurt on the job in 2010, and then moving to the pacific northwest, it has been a journey full of adventures – not all of them fun. the most challenging thing has been the finances. or rather, getting over into God’s economy and out of the world’s where I have lived for way too long. seems I have an adversary who is contending my move. so I have recently spent time in God’s presence, and in His word, to get some answers and some understanding on how to get over this last, most challenging hurdle. His answer came, and here is an excerpt from a letter I wrote describing it –

i will have enough even if i get it one day at a time. His grace is sufficient for me. thats what God spoke to my heart this morning when i asked Him about these ongoing financial struggles. i was asking Him about what was it going to take to go on over. its been like that wall in the obstacle course in basic training i never was able to go over. He said this isnt so different from paul’s thorn in the flesh – still caused by people with their own agenda. so i have begun to meditate on His sufficient grace. i want to know what it is, and how to receive it. i know He told paul His power is made perfect in our weakness. and paul’s response was to say he would glory in his weakness and insufficiencies, because when he was weak, then was he strong. i like God’s strength better than mine. mine doesnt cover much. for all my will and intent, it always comes up way short. but this is another open door situation. its like, God prepares the path, opens the door, and arms me with His might. all i have to do is walk through that door and on up the path. the real battle is only in whose report will i believe. this grace is going to put us over, and the struggle wont be there anymore. the people might be, but they wont have the effect they have been having, because i am renewing my mind yet again and speaking His word of grace over everything. that is when the circumstances start changing to conform to the word of God. its not just about standing out in the storms and standing your ground. its also about stilling those storms, coming out of those distresses, and having Him put your feet in a broad place. that is His word to us.

so, i am doing more than just standing and fighting the good fight and all that. more, because im doing less. im being still. im letting God do His thing. thats what He’s been waiting for. affirmative, and make it so.

so there you have it.

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