I cant believe I didn’t write about this already! last fall when the beau and I went to the beach, camera and dogs in tow. it was the first time he had seen the beaches of oregon, and for the dogs as well. for me, it was seeing heaven! while we aren’t living on the beach (right now it’s pretty turbulent with rain and flooding) it’s within my grasp. I have yet to see beaches anywhere else as beautiful, as cool and primordial and primitive, as along the pacific northwest coastline. the northeastern edge of the rim of fire.

we went to a place I used to know as short sands. a mile or so through forest to the small inlet, accessible only when the tide is out. our first trip there was on a holiday, and too many people were there. its best on winter days when there are only the few hardy surfers. tourists tend to leave their brains – and their manners – at home. still, we had a good time.


the next time we went we had a better time, and the air was cooler. I had a brief run in with a woman who’s crazy little Boston terrier was off the leash, and raked my leg trying to climb up on me. he came running like mad toward me from several yards away where he was playing in the water,  and simply began jumping and raking my leg with his hyper little feet. I pushed him off once while she watched in amusement, then more forcefully a second time when he refused to stop. that’s when she had the cow, and started calling me names and acting all of 12, when she was likely my age or more. ‘he has a leash”  she exclaimed. sooo why wasn’t he on it? it’s a law on public beaches. too bad we had left our tired dogs in the car for that part of the excursion. still, we had a good time.

I cant wait to go to Ruby Beach some time, up in the Olympic Peninsula.

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