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that’s the term when you have seeds planted that aren’t yet showing results. but you know there will be.  that’s why I haven’t been writing much lately. I’m in germination mode.

things haven’t been proceeding as fast as I had envisioned, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t proceeding.

I really thought getting a job in my line of work would have been easier than it has been. there are always posting for positions available, but I have yet to get an interview, even after several attempts to follow up with them. these have all been with large medical groups. I have decided that I no longer want to work for large corporations. with all the occupy movements recently opposing the large corporate industries, which I support even though I don’t attend encampments, I am turning my attention to small businesses. I have applied to several small clinics, and I expect to hear from some of them. the large groups are not approachable, there is no one to contact, or if there is they give a generic ‘if we find any positions that match your job skills … ‘ yada yada yada …

we still have plans to get the goats, and start a livestock landscaping business. it seems the small business is becoming more important to the community, at least here. there is a website designed to help the small business get started, grow, and expand, with all sorts of resources and helps. I am quite excited about it. the article in the paper, where I found out about the site, went on to say that more people are turning to small businesses as a real means of surviving in the current economy. this is again along the same lines I am already feeling lead along. the big corporate giants are falling. some faster than others, and maybe not with serious consequence for some. but just the same, they are falling, at least from grace. people are losing faith in them. they are hollow, uncaring machines, that care nothing for the cogs that work for them.

but that’s another blog.

anyway, here we sit for now. currently staying with my ma, living in the RV with 4 cats and 2 dogs. its cramped, and sometimes inconvenient. but its working for now. with bills looming, and debtors ‘at the door’ so to speak, its been challenging. I have turned my attention to the Word of God, as I always do. I have been meditating on the blood of the covenant, and the God Who stood in blood when He recited the terms of that covenant to Abraham, obligating Himself to fulfill it to Abraham and his seed. He swore by His own Name, thereby making the promise more sure to that seed.

the words of this covenant have been seeds in my heart, germinating and growing, and taking root. I am confident that everything is going to be alright. and I will posting again on a regular basis.