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for the first time in months the desktop temperature icons say that its hotter somewhere else this morning. its currently 82º in Moscow, Russia. its only 75º here.   Surprised smile  75º?!   really?!  well after that last little foofaraw we had over the weekend, we really deserve a break.

saturday evening, after working hard to get the house ready for a scheduled open house with our current realtor, we went out to Johnny Carino’s for a treat. it had seemed to get even hotter the last hour before we left, but I assumed it was because I was mopping and moving furniture. on the way there we saw some huge thunderheads. good! maybe we get some rain! while we eating, we heard a loud clap of thunder, and then the lights blinked off for a second. to hear a room full of people all go ‘ahh’ all at once has always amused me … but it was a little ominous. then the wind whipped up in all directions, the rain came down like Noah’s flood part two, and the thunder beat out the loud Italian music on the intercom.

we finished up, and headed out the door in our shorts and sandals … the hostess was pushing water out of the doorway with a squeegee, and the rain was still coming down but now with less fury. on the way home we saw streets filled with vegetative debris, limbs and branches down all over, lights on here but not on there … all this had taken place in about twenty minutes.

we had power when we got home, but the clocks we all blinking 12:00, so we knew we had lost power momentarily. I started to finish up my vacuuming, and the beau started checking the computer to see if everything was working since it was off when we got home. he had tried all the peripherals, and so far only the power strip we had used for years was blown. just as he was going to try the tower … blink … power off. and it stayed off. a tree limb had fallen on the crossbeam of the pole that had our transformer on it, effectively taking it out.

we were in the dark, and the returning heat, for all of that night, and most of sunday. the PSO guys had to replace the entire pole, and restring new wires to a new transformer. they were doing this kind of thing all over town. the beau surmised it had been a macro burst, only the second one he had seen ever. several years ago, before we bought this house, we had been under a micro burst, and also lost power for a day. then there was the 6 day outage from the infamous ice storm … but that’s another line of thought. it does seem like storms here cant ever just be stormy. they always have to leave things FUBAR.

our realtor never got the message that we thought the open house should be cancelled, and he came by and still attempted to do the open house. he showed one older man the house, before he left. that’s dedication! there were trees down or broken all over the place. power was out for 35,000 people. my hat is off to all the workers who toiled in the heat in their insulated long sleeves and boots and hard hats to get the power back on for us here. what heroes!

we got our power back sunday night, and it took most of the night to get down from 92º inside back to 70º. the computer tower needed a new power source, but otherwise was amazingly saved by our poor fried little power strip. we now have a nice surge protector, and are back up and running again.

I will get up pictures later. right now the beau wants to get back to work on his sales and shipping!