I’m back. did you miss me? I have been so very busy lately. I have just had a lot to do, and havent had much time to sit and blog like I like to. also the beau has been spending a lot of time listing comic books on ebay, and they have been selling. that may not sound very time consuming, but he is very conscientious and meticulous about how he lists them. there is some time spent researching prices, and of course scanning and loading the pictures can really drag out because ebay has some glitches and wont always load a photo or a scanned item without changing the format first. then there is sorting the books, listing the details, and finally preparing the boxes for shipping. all this goes on in our little computer room. so, there is not much opportunity for me to get to the computer. I have no complaints, because this has always been a good source of income, comic books being the good seller that they are. its nearly a full time job. this is good, since jobs are scarce here.

add to this the slight depression I have been experiencing due to the oppressive heat, and the excessive brightness. the weather has been brutal lately. and its going to get worse before it gets better. there is a major heat wave situated to affect nearly the entire country in the next few weeks. temperatures here have been over 100º for the better part of three weeks now. there was a little rain last thursday, but it really only resulted in raising the humidity substantially. so the ground is dry, but the air is saturated.

Image: Map of U.S. heat index forecast

this is what the forecast looks like. the brown and pink areas over kansas, oklahoma, texas, and on eastward, are scheduled to be between 100º and 110º. that’s before the heat index is accounted for.

so ya, I have been ‘under the weather’.

canada and alaska are looking very enchanting right now. perhaps siberia.

I just wanted to let you know I hadn’t fallen off the planet, or gone to ground – although the latter is an appealing thought.

I really miss getting out with my camera. I am looking forward to having a studio of sorts in my next house, where I can shoot regardless of the weather, and I can create my own lighting as I please.

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