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it feels good to be on vacation this week. I have never had a full week off before, and I am truly happy to be off this week. I am also well pleased that the weather has turned cool again, and promises to be so for the rest of the week. I feel I have caught a real break!

also the court date set for the second work comp claim is tuesday, the 18th, and being off I will go with the beau for that. he had a second rating on his hand friday, by a different orthopedist on the insurance side. the first one gave him such a low rating that it was deemed necessary to get another. after this is all done I will tell you about this doctor, who we affectionately refer to as dr kevorkian.

then on saturday, the 21st, we will be part of the neighborhood garage sale held every year in the spring. we will get rid of a lot of stuff then. we plan on having an open house the next day.

this leads me to the best news so far, short of the appearance of the buyer for our house. I was talking to my mother on mother’s day, and the subject of moving came up. I told her that I was hoping to get an RV to move with, but funds were likely to be too short for that. I really thought she had sold the one she had … but she still has it. so … I can borrow it to use for our move! this is awesome, because it means one huge part of the moving dilemma is solved. we will rent a u-haul for the stuff we will take with us, and use the RV to move the dogs and cats. we can take both cars this way, if we choose, towing them behind each larger vehicle. we can also live in it a while if need be till we get a place to our liking. it just solves so many more challenges than simply how to move the pets, and where to stay at night during the trip.

ahhh … breathing room!

some time during this week I will be visiting a salvage yard not far from here. I have had my eye on it for a long time, and this will be my opportunity to go. we are also looking at going draining, cooler weather and dry skies making that very appealing now. I will be posting the pics of course.

this gives me more time to write as well. I always have something to say!