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in the wake of news reports that bin laden is dead, I have questions.

my first question was ‘why now’? in light of the delta force that had him in their sights in the tora bora mountains, and were told to stand down from the white house, like, soon after the towers were destroyed … in light that so many other offers were made from countries normally not on good speaking terms with us offered to get him, and were told a most inglorious no thank you …

why now? well, it certainly helped obama get the lime light off the dogs of donald trump sent to find out who he really is.

how convenient.

it also ends the excuse the government here has for having a military presence in afghanistan, now that pakistan and china have been pressuring karzai to boot the americans out once and for all.

this too is very convenient.

but I have other questions.

why doesn’t anyone want to talk about bin laden’s connection with the CIA? why don’t you hear about the CIA training the pilots had who flew the planes on that 911 day? what happened at norad that day?

why hasn’t there been much mention of him all these years, until now?

why was he blasted, and then dumped in the ocean, without giving his family a chance to identify him.

whatever happened to the two trillion missing dollars from the pentagon?

with all the money that has been made during this ‘war on terror’ for the securities companies, arms manufacturers, and whatever else goes into making a war, while we hear constant claims that the government is further in debt and running out of money, and all the rest of the fowl lies that go with it …

the truth cant be hidden for much longer. the lies are getting too big.