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it was a good weekend.

saturday we spent around the house having a nice relaxing day, then left around 630 to get a good spot for the high school play ‘grease’. it was great, a full 2 hour production that all the kids involved did such a splendid job doing. many talented actors and singers. we were both glad we went. of course my coworker was beaming …

sunday we got up early to go to tahlequah to meet the friend of our neighbor’s daughter by 930. the drive was really peaceful. we got there early, so the beau took a bit of a nap while I watched two mocking birds working out a dispute over a patch of grass and trees. it was most amusing. k arrived with her son and his girlfriend, her younger son, and a tall slender girl with dark skin and beautiful wavy hair for the shoot. then the neighbor’s daughter j arrived, and off we went to the old church.

old church  (31)

there are more pictures here.

got home around 3pm for a nice wind down. I would have posted this then, but my eyes were pretty tired. I didn’t take any shots of her kids, except one with sons girlfriend in it. it was her shoot. I will do one of my own, however. I learned some things watching her.

all in all, it was a grand weekend.