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it finally rained, when a very intense storm system rolled over a wide path spanning several states. it came through around 5ish last evening, with lots of thunder and lightning. the rain was steady and lasted a nice long time, refreshing things everywhere. sadly, the people in the paths of the four tornados that touched down were not so refreshed, as they lost homes, property, and family members. for that I grieve. im sorry the rain came with such a price.

rain stormrain storm (3)

tomorrow night we are going to one of the local high schools to see ‘grease’. it will be fun. the star of the musical production is the grandson of one of my coworkers. its why we are going.

we have also been invited to a photo shoot in an old abandoned school sunday, in tahlequah. I would like to go, but the beau hasnt decided yet if he wants to. play it by ear.

im just glad it’s the weekend   Winking smile