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you know how it feels when the train is about to pull out? you hear certain sounds, the conductor calls for everyone to board, you feel a little movement …

you know how it feels when the plane is gearing up for takeoff? you hear the engines fire up, the flight attendants get everyone seated and secure, you feel the initial jerk as the pilot readies for taxiing …

that’s what its like right now.

the beau went to the first of two court dates on the 29th of march, and was awarded a settlement for the injury on his leg. it is the smaller of the two, and well sufficient for getting the bills caught up and a few items restocked. but it was more than just that. it was like the ignition switch was flipped. we got the check in record time, as well. the next court date should be in about a week or so, and the settlement for that will be used for moving.

I have had a knowing in my knower that the buyer for the house is about to appear. that will be perfect, because I also found a 3 acre piece of property with a sweet house that needs some work, for a nice price, not far from where my family lives. the bank that owns it is the same one that holds my mortgage … how funny is that? I would like to move on it, because we both really like the place. ‘needs work’ is fine with me. it has the biggest kitchen window I have ever seen! perhaps we will build a guest house, rather than a main house. I am open to modifying my plans to some extent, if it works out better to do so.

there have been many major grass fires in oklahoma and texas recently. so much so that the clouds are mostly brown and umber, rather than white, gray, or steely blue. brown clouds don’t rain. not here.

grassfire smokegrassfire smoke (2)grassfire smoke (3)grassfire smoke (5)grassfire smoke (6)grassfire smoke (7)grassfire smoke (8)grassfire smoke (9)

the whole region is in drought conditions now, and the wheat is stunted and slated to be sold as hay. good for the livestock, I guess. the price of bread will go up as a result, I bet. they say it’s the driest its been since 1929, some years before the dustbowl. so even the dustbowl wasn’t this dry. its only better farming practices that keeps the land from blowing away, although it seems the wind is trying to anyway. geez, I don’t like hot, hard winds.

looks like another hot, windy day today. at least its overcast. maybe there will be rain …

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