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I have a new grandson. his name is caleb john, and he was born wednesday, march 30th, at 8:02 am, weighing in at 7lbs 12 oz, a full 19 in long. a champion. he was scheduled to be born on the 31st, but evidently that was not soon enough.

mom is doing very well.


I think his sister likes him.


and his daddy is very pleased indeed.


I am very pleased as well!

now more than ever I am looking forward to getting moved. we are finally making some progress – I should say visible, tangible progress. the beau went to the first court hearing to settle the compensation for his leg. this will get our bills paid and caught up. the second date will be set for about two weeks from now. that will be settlement for the main injury on his hand. this will go toward our moving fund. also, a few weeks ago a house right around the corner from us sold for about the same price we are asking for ours, so I know it isnt impossible. obviously somebody was willing to show that house even though it was priced higher than most in this area. obviously the buyers liked what they saw. obviously the same thing can happen here, and will.

I can say with certainty that we will not stay here into the summer months. I don’t care what the economists are saying, or what the housing market looks like. neither of us can take another summer here. its only the first week of april, and already its hot, and its only going to get hotter. the pollen never went away this year. we can wait no longer. if we have to rent, and make payments from the west coast, we will. we are leaving as soon as we have the means.

ah, the road home is finally in view!