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I went to LOWES last weekend to get a new showerhead, because the one we had – a delta – had developed two bad leaks in the hose. delta products are made in china. I looked at every other choice they had. they were all made in china. they didn’t have one that was made in USA. it seems nothing they have at LOWES is made here, except the employees. most of them.

so I developed a new logo for them. I made several, for some of the major stores that sell here.

the majority of products sold here in the states is made in china, and several other asian countries. the people who work in the factories often live on site. they get paid next to nothing. they are given crap material to use, and are expected to get their quotas done in the time given. meanwhile, the individuals who own the companies are paid comparatively well, by their standards, by suppliers and distributors here with big brand names, who then charge the customer here high prices for buying products with their brand on them. or, those same companies simply have their own factories in asian countries where they can cut out the middleman and the taxes, and still charge the same high prices for their cheaply made, cheaply produced items. the items fall apart quickly, and have to be replaced often. this means the corporate fat cats get quite well paid. at our expense, and at the exploitation of the workers overseas.

I had to get the shower head that night, and didn’t have the option of shopping around, so I got the cheapest one they had. but when we get moved, and start building our log house, we wont be buying anything made in an asian country. at all.

I don’t get on the political bandwagon, and I don’t have a platform, and I vote only when there is someone running who is worth voting for, (but im not convinced the elections arent rigged).

I do, however, pray for the lives of the soldiers who keep getting sent into wars on middle eastern soil, whose conflicts have nothing to do with us, and whose conflict our government wouldn’t get involved with if there werent money, oil, and power to be gained from it. think of all the weapons manufacturers and security companies getting rich on the sales of munitions and the hire of personnel, while the country back home goes belly up.

I see the scores of teachers, police and firefighters, and other vital professionals, laid off because the money is so badly mishandled, while people like the city councilmen get paid well for doing nothing in what should be a voluntary position.

the very least I can do is not buy things made in china. and if I cant find US products, I can do without. stuff from japan, germany, italy, sweden, or switzerland I have no issue with, because the economy isnt effected the same by such imports. but no more cheap chinese imports.