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so.  I called the tax commission on my lunch break one day last week. I get a 45 minute lunch. it takes about five minutes to get my stuff and go down to my car where I like to spend my break, and five minutes to get back. the remaining 35 minutes I spent on the phone. 7 minutes of bad music waiting for my call to be answered. then a slow talking man who had trouble finding me or the beau in the system. then an older woman who didn’t understand what I wanted. then bright young woman who asked a few questions, determined the tax problem is on the beau, but she couldn’t send me the requested information I wasn’t the beau and we werent married at the time, but I filed married/joint return so they could take my return. well hell.

the car was fixed quickly. we had it back the following monday. our mechanic is the best! he always overestimates the cost, charges nothing but the time and labor, guarantees the work, and has the most reasonable rates. he never uses old parts and then charges for new ones. he is a straight up guy. wish we could take him to the pacific north west with us …  ;(

tonight the moon is full, and it’s a super moon. as close to earth as it will be for another 18 years. I will try to get pics, but I would like to learn how to get better exposures for better results.

all the doctor visits are behind us now. the court date is set for march 29th. we just wait now to see if it will go to court, or if there will be a settlement offer. either way, with that and the money from the house we will be on our way west. we are still waiting for a buyer, but I got that knowing in my knower, as does the beau, that he or she isnt far off now.

I will have my recent photos of our walks at mohawk park posted on the writing with light blog, if you care to see them.