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that’s what it feels like lately. its been a busy couple of weeks.

first, there was my birthday vacation. I took wednesday, thursday, and friday off so I would have a nice little five day holiday. we werent planning anything, since money has been tight during this ‘between the event and the court date’ time. its been eight months since the beau first had his fingers caught in the press at his last job. after the insurance doctor released him to go back to work, the workers comp checks stopped. the I bills did not.

nevertheless, God is still on the throne, and still in control of our circumstances. so while this has been a most inconvenient and uncomfortable passage, we have not lost heart or been discouraged. sometimes a bit exasperated.

wednesday we just stayed home and lollygagged. the beau worked on the ebay listings, and I helped out taking pictures of some of the comic books, and scanning some of the artwork for sale.

thursday I wanted to find a salvage yard I had seen on the way home from a previous outing, and ask if we could roam around taking pictures. we took the older car – a 2001 nissan altima – and set out. we drove all over the place till we finally found it. there are two, across the street fro each other, somewhat out of town. but they are both very redneck places, with potbellied pigs ambling around running both places. we deferred, and went looking for other subject matter. having to find a potty soon, we stopped at a convenience store on the way back into town. when the beau tried to start the car, the key would not turn. an hour and much WD40 later, along with many web pages on our phones searching for help, we finally decided to call our mechanic, who gave us his tow truck number. we got towed to his shop, and his grandson drove us home. the cylinder for the ignition was worn out, an easy enough fix. but I got no pictures taken.

friday I got a notice from the state tax commission claiming I owed them some past due taxes. I had filed my returns the week previous, and was waiting on a nice return, much needed now. the federal return was more, but I was due to receive over $400 in state returns. the funny thing was, they were claiming I owed just over $350 for the year 1990! that was the year I first moved to tulsa. it gets better. they expect me to pay a $92 late fee, and $1100 for 21 years of interest. HA! after I recovered from my initial shock, I started laughing. the very idea that I could own that much for that year is ridiculous, because I only made $3000 or so total. even if my employers didn’t withhold any tax for me, it would amount to less than half what they claim I owe. I didn’t file that year, but im certain if I had, either I would owe a few dollars, or more likely they would owe me. as for the interest … since this is the first time I have been notified, the interest is moot.

my plan is, now that I have received my federal returns, and used most of it to pay bills that were behind and get the beau’s bank balance back in the black, I will get a print out from the tax commission to prove I owe them anything. then I can address the question properly. I have, of course, laid the whole matter out before God already. I am certain He will go before me and smooth this out.

satuday we had a garage sale. the turn out was meager because these okies cant take it much below 60º it seems. granted, it was chilly in the morning, and quite windy. but this is still winter, and its always windy. nevertheless, we made some money, and got rid of quite a bit of stuff.

sunday was another kick around day. we went out and I did get some pictures. then it was back to work for a week for me, and the last of the doctor evaluations for the beau on his hand and his leg.

we have turned the corner now. I can sense it. a buyer for the house, the settlements, and getting out of oklahoma, are all on the horizon now.