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we have had our first winning lottery ticket! saturday night, still feeling somewhat pressed by all that transpired friday – only one of which I wrote about – the beau went up on the roof to pray. he asked God for help, so he could get his bank account back in the black, and could make the car payment.

peace settled on him, and laugh if you want to, but the urgency to go buy a ticket came on him. we always buy lottery tickets, and we win anywhere from $10 to $50 from time to time. but this wasn’t just an inclination to buy one now. it was 9pm, and the drawing is always 10pm on saturday. plus he doesn’t like to drive at night, cant see that well. he was sleepy, and didn’t want to go.

he came down and told me it might seem crazy, but he was going. the urge wouldn’t go away.

when he checked the numbers sunday we had three matching and the power ball. that’s $100.

but the thing is, the multiplier was x5. its never x5!