as 2ft of snow falls on tulsa, I am again at home. so, rather than post yet more photos of more snow, I thought I would entertain you with excerpts from real stories from the local news websites.  one has to wonder if news stations here have ever heard of spell check, punctuation, or if they proof read their stories at all …

DEA Agents Witness Robbery, One Bandit Arrested

A robbery caught on tape but this one wasn’t your typical robbery. Surveillance video catches two armed-robbers target a South Tulsa Subway Sandwich shop.

Just then a couple of federal agents show up a grab a bite to eat and then spring into action.

As Subway worker ***** Schmitt was closing the store two masked men came inside the restaurant.

"By the time I turned around one dude was already over the counter,” says Schmitt.

She says they both had guns.

"I just went to straight over there to the counter put my hands up put my face down and I didn’t know if they didn’t want me to look at them," says Schmitt.

The employee says the bandits demanded the drawer, the safe and wanted to know who else was inside the shop.

"I was the only person there," says Schmitt.

She says the crooks demanded her to the ground.

“Instead of laying down I was kneeling watching the cameras watching them run out and there was a car parked out front,” says Schmitt. "I thought it was their [robbers] car," says Schmitt.

However, it was two regular customers who were in the right place at the right time…

New Snow Blast En Route as Tulsa Digs Out

Last Update: 4:31 pm     
TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Homeless people are scrambled for safety in shelters and Tulsa residents who were trapped inside for several days are hunkering back down as the third storm in a week approaches the city.
Tulsa has still been digging out from a storm last week that dropped 14 inches of show. It has kept children out of school for at least six days, halted garbage pickup for a time, kept some roads impassable and led police to respond to accidents only if people were injured.
There has been some progress: Mail delivery and city buses had returned to many neighborhoods. Supermarkets had bread and milk again.
But the new storm threatens to dump 10 more inches of snow and bring 30 mph winds to Oklahoma and parts of Texas, Kansas and Arkansas.

TPS Wants Your Suggestions On How To Make Up Snow Days

TULSA, OK — Tulsa Public Schools is asking parents for suggestions on how to make us the snow days.

this one is just bad all over … the punctuation mistakes and omissions are in pink, the spelling in yellow


Snow Damages Tulsa School Schools

Tulsa Public Schools cancels class for the sixth day in row. The school parking lots are plowed but the Tulsa Public Schools superintendent says the snow packed streets are keeping kids home for a week and buidling concerns.

At Salk Elementary the caution tape is still up after TPS administrators say too much snow piled up on the awning over the entrance into the school.

It’s where kids would typically wait for the bus.

The roads into the schools are bumpy.

"The blocks are just so treacherous right now they are really bad," says Salk and Byrd Middle School parent Danny Ellis.

However, the caution tape around Salk is also a big concern for Ellis.

"Is the integrity still in tact because we have had so much weight on it now for a week? That’s a concern, are the roofs safe and stable? I know it’s an awning it kind of goes to the rest of the roof,” says Ellis.

The District says the roofs are stable.

Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent Keith Ballard, PhD says reported leaks and little damages have been reported at other schools.

The roof at Robert Frost Community Action Project school caved in which will indefinitely relocate more than 200 early development children.

"A lot of damage here, computers, copier, paper anything that was close to the floor or underneath the falling ceiling tires has been damaged or ruined," says Tulsa Public Schools Police Chief Gary Ruddick.

Still Ballard and Ruddick report almost 100% of its campuses are structurally safe but they’re keeping a watchful eye on the buildings.

"They have checked every building to assure its integrity or to clean up spills or to correct problems," says Ruddick. "We are not going to open any site that we cannot guarantee to the best of our ability that the site is safe."

Ellis says that’s a relief because he still sees and feels the dangers from last week’s blizzard and this weeks forecasted snow.

"I know everybody wants and we need to get the kids back to school because they have been out so long but we need to look at the safety of our kids and even the parents that are taking them out to it," says Ellis.

Ballard says the District only has three built-in snow days and counting tomorrow students will need to make up five snow days.

The superintendent is recommending Professional Day on February 18th, President’s Day on February 21st and a Parent/Teacher Conference Day on April 18th.

Ballard says spring break, longer school hours, Saturday class is less likely and adding days to the end of the school year may hinder testing dates and scores.

The school board will make the final decision. A special meeting is expected to be scheduled soon to discuss make-up days.

The District is also taking suggestions from students, parents and teachers on how making up snow days.