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yes, it finally snowed. the terrible winter storm that everyone here was so worried about arrived during the night, and covered us with at least and inch of snow. I checked the news stations, and yup, the school closings are posted. yesterday on my lunch break I was in a drugstore getting some cranberry juice. an older woman was also there chucked nervously as she said to me ‘heh, have to get supplies for when we get snowed in’. I just bit my tongue, and smiled.

today at work I anticipate a busy day on the phone, as most of our patients call to reschedule. I don’t know how oklahoma rates on ‘worst drivers’ polls, or how the results are determined … but in my experience driving among tulsans the last 15 years, I am not surprised that they are fearful of driving on snow and ice. they don’t know the rules of the road or how to maneuver on dry pavement. winter conditions only complicate that. but seriously, winter happens every year. its not a new phenomenon.

nevertheless, im glad to see snow! I like winter. its refreshing. it gives me a chance to wear sweaters and wooly socks, boots and scarves. I only don’t like the constant complaining every day at work about the cold, or the roads, or whatever else winter brings. its an annual occurrence, just like the sweltering summers, so please just stop saying the same things every day! ack.