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im looking forward to the coming new year. I believe the house will finally sell, or we will receive a windfall and pay it off, with enough to spare to purchase new property in washington. I was looking at houses nearer my mother for the longest time. but the beau wants to raise goats, and rent them out for brush control and landscaping, so now im eyeing property with acreage. goats are profitable, and we both want to be self employed. im all for this. I like goats.


I am also really anticipating a new world to shoot. I must say, with my current time constraints, and just the really ugly environment that tulsa has to offer, I have little inspiration for shooting anything around here. I still want to pursue our urban exploration, but the last foray into the buildings on the west side was as frustrating as it was exhilarating. I have yet to find out anything at all about who used to own these seven old buildings. also the way the house was trashed was truly disappointing. I realize there are people who choose to live a vagrant life, and I have no issue with that. but to trash a place you have stayed, that doesn’t come from being homeless. that comes from being lazy and stupid.

my plan is to purchase some property with acreage, and a nice little house, and hopefully a small barn and fencing already on the grounds. then I want to build a log house to be our main house, with the original house to be used as a guest house for my son and his family, as well as other family, as often as they want to come. meanwhile we will have the goats, and I will have my studio. and maybe a greenhouse as well. it will be great to have someplace the dogs can explore.

Eastsound cabin rental - This is a genuine Northwest Log Home with VIEWS

its been my dream for a long time to have a log house in the woods. I love the idea of also having goats. im more excited about moving than ever now! im looing forward to documenting our move, and getting some new scenery. and new people.

it will be good to be closer to my family too, after so long here. my mom, my sister and brother, my oldest granddaughter, my nieces. and the ocean! I will be close enough to see the ocean as often as I want! ahhh! I have sea water in my veins. ahhh!

yes, the coming year looks very good!