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I don’t usually get into sports. im not much of a spectator. but it is refreshing to see the oregon ducks win their way to the playoffs. its not that im particularly interested in the team, or the school. its more a matter of state pride. I grew up in oregon/washington, and my heart will always be in the pacific northwest. its why we are moving as soon as our buyer shows up. or we win the lottery. either way is fine by me.


but back to the ducks. there is so little going on in oklahoma. so little to do, and so little to see. most of the major points of interest are directly related to oklahoma history, which revolves around old money, oil, and how tulsa once was ‘the place’. after a while, you get to feeling like ‘oh look. more oklahoma history’. there really isnt a big tie in with how the state’s history ties in with the rest of the country, or the world, or american culture. its just always all about oklahoma. and I have never found it all that exciting. the current thing this state has now is construction, which is why the recession hit here some time after it was in force everywhere else in the country. now that the rise out of the recession is beginning elsewhere, however slowly it might be occurring, it is still in the downward slide here and will be for a while.

all this leaves the residents here with one thing to entertain them. their precious OU football team. people who have never even seen the inside of a college class room go wild over OU, and react as if they once played for the team, or at least went to the school. I don’t begrudge them their fun and enthusiasm. they need something, poor devils. I just get tired of there being OU emblems on every flecking thing I see. well, ok, there is OSU too. so its either got to be one or the other. gaaa!

so, being fro the pacific northwest, and being pleased oregon can produce a winning team, and being pleased it isnt OU or OSU no matter who else it might be … yes im glad the ducks have had such a good year and got this far without a loss. they will go on to the playoffs, but I will likely not watch the game. there is more to life, and to me and the beau, and to oregon and washington, than football.

ps … my son has a cousin (from his adopted family evidently) who either plays for oregon, or is the mascot. heh …