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saturday was a nice day. we went looking for a salvage yard to do some photography, but the one we went to was closed. we just kept driving, and found a nature reserve the beau had long forgotten about and I didn’t even know was there. redbud nature preserve. so we went on an impromptu hike for a couple of hours. we could have been a little more prepared, but we we did fine. it wasn’t spectacular, but it wasn’t hot, it wasn’t windy, and it wasn’t raining. just being out was nice.

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we had thought to go back sunday or monday, or maybe to one of the other salvage yards we found on the way home saturday. but no, the wind was blowing 953 mph, and it was dry and dusty. we drove around a bit anyway sunday, but didn’t get out. we saw a lost or dumped off dog running up one road, looking so very frightened. nice dog, too. sometimes I really don’t like people …

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sunday night we watched ‘jonah hex’. quite enjoyed it. josh brolin is a fine actor. john malchovich is another of my favorites. monday was entirely spent straightening the computer room, taking pictures of comic books and other stuff, and getting more things listed. wrapped up the day with ‘dexter’- I love that show!

and thus ended my five day weekend.

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