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we didn’t have a big turkey dinner this year. the recent turkey recalls were only a part of that decision. neither of us really likes turkey that well, and who wants to cook a big dinner for only two people? the dogs get the lions share in the end. which is not a bad thing, in their opinion.

we chose an italian pasta with roasted garlic, a crab salad, and an olive and feta salad. it was wonderful! I have five days off as well, adding a vacation day to the four day weekend off from work. add a few good movies, and instant streaming choices from netflix, and we are set! all in all thursday was a very stress free, easy day.

I am just not into the constraints of having to follow holiday traditions, just for the sake of being traditional. some people like it, and that’s fine. but I have never felt much satisfaction from fulfilling all the traditions that go with any given holiday. I rather enjoy the time off, and spend it giving thanks to my God for the crazy awesome covenant, and enjoying my home life. even if we are still in oklahoma. its good to get my mind off all the things I so dislike about living here.

the weather has finally gotten cold, although without snow. the sky has been clear, and its been windy … gee. today we are going out to explore a salvage yard. I have always wanted to take pictures of salvage. there is a strange beauty in it that I find most attractive. it will be a good day for it, with the brilliant sunlight, the cloudless sky, the beau and I with time on our hands.

the adventure is ripe with expectations.