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saturday we were at the tulsa flea market, as venders. the beau has a friend, J, who sets up every weekend, as well as having a comic book/collectables store. as well as being a copyright attorney. he had asked the beau to split a booth with him,  as he asks from time to time. we arent that fond of the flea market, but its ok. its way better than the admiral flea market, near the circle turnaround at admiral and mingo. but we arent doing the tulsa vintage show anymore, because the booth rental went up too high. its also friday night set up, then you are stuck there saturday and sunday. the flea market is saturday only. if we shack up with J then its not even a weekly commitment. its always at the fairgrounds somewhere, unless something unusual happens and there isnt a building available. such was the case this weekend.

the beau agreed to man the booth because J had already paid the rent, and then was called away for the day. the flea market was being held at the old rose bowl building, once a bowling alley that was brimming with bowlers and beer. then it went out of business for a long time. someone bought it, and now rents it out for events. we made about $65, and J made about $50, maybe. it wasn’t a big turnout. but it was amusing to watch people. there are some steps that lead down to the main floor, all concrete. no rails. there was a guy who missed the bottom step because he was watching something way over there as he came down. did a funny hop dance as a result. not so funny was an older woman who was using a cane, and also wasn’t watching where she was putting her feet, too busy looking at the other woman she was talking to. her foot hit the step off mark, and slid to the next level. this of course caused her to lose her balance, and then she just sort of tipped over. I guess she wasn’t hurt, but likely bruised really bad. could have broken a hip. damn stupid people! you know you have a cane, and there is no rail. watch where youre putting your feet!


the ceiling was pink and white once, but blackened by either old smoke residue or mold – or both. that might be what gave us both the serious headaches. mine came on that night while trying to watch a movie. the beaus came on the next morning. that kind of threw our plans to explore something out the window. so maybe next week end.

ah, feel better today.