today began with frost on the ground. I was delighted to see it, after feeling like summer heat will never end. after showers, feeding the dogs breakfast, and having coffee, we set out for down town to do some reconnaissance on a couple of buildings we hope to explore. evidently there are some seventy buildings downtown that are abandoned and empty. we saw many more than either of us ever knew were there. it was inspiring! tomorrow we will go explore one of them, and I will have the photos posted on sub urban expeditions.

then we went home, picked up the dogs, and went to zink park.

acornsthe beau and royoak treedrainon the other sidesentrycreekblack leaffuzzy thingsearth boneshole in the groundcrooked treelight in the treeslittle red flowery thingspurple starsthe nature trailthe nature trail 2the path behindvinesboth dogsthe pointing treethe beau, roy, and cinnyfairy

ahhh, lots of pictures, and tired dogs.