what a whirlwind the last two weeks have been! first the fair started, and always runs weekend to weekend. if the fairgrounds werent just over half a mile from my house it would matter to me. but tulsa found it desirable to build the suburban areas up around the fairgrounds, so that some people live right across the street from it. the expo center, which is always hosting something, used to be bells amusement park was right next to that, the fairgrounds, the horse track, and a water park. all this used to be in rather a rural setting. but not anymore. so when the fair is going on the traffic is insane. the people are also insane. the street i take home from work – a rout that is straight south 3 miles to work and usually takes me about ten minutes, is jammed up almost as bad as christmas traffic going home with all the fair goers. my 3 mile trip home, normally 15-20 minutes anyway, becomes a quest to find a clear path on alternate routes or get bogged in for 30-45 minutes. after a long day of full patient load and nonstop phones, thats the last thing i want.

last weekend, as the weekend before, we helped the lady who did our estate sale with another one she was doing. a very big house with an overwhelming amount of stuff. the beau has been helping her during the week as well. we also had an open house on sunday, which was also the last day of the fair. three people showed up, and two neighbors.

this week has been just as busy at work for me, and at the house for the beau. now its friday, my early friday off. so i got down with vacuuming, restocking dog and cat food, and laundry, after a busy morning at work. the beau was at the house for the first day of the three day estate sale. tomorrow and sunday i will help out there too. the following week he will be helping haul off what doesnt sell, and i will be back to my crazy job.

did i mention there was an earth quake here last wednesday? there is a fault line here, and there are little tremors all the time. most go unnoticed. this one was in norman, south of tulsa, but the tremors were felt all the way to kansas. nothing devastating, but it made our house shake. wonderful.

the woman who lives behind us has been collecting poodles for the last two years. when we moved in she had two little poodles. then she got a blind one. then two more, and so on. said she was ‘fostering’ them. well, she finally had nine … seven little ones and two standards. problem was, she let them bark uncontrollably for long periods. a lot of her neighbors complained to the neighborhood association, who i guess talked to her. we started turning the sprinkler on them to keep them away from our fence. the guy next door got tired of the screaming poodles one day and soaked them with a hose. then he called the animal control department. i called them a week later. now she is playing the victim, but at least keeping them under control. she still has at least seven, the legal limit is four. there is no permit in city limits for fostering either. we will see …

tow weeks from today i will have a little mini vacation. ahhhh …