im sure this wont be one of my most popular posts. however, i have some strong feelings about it, and i want to air them out.

im talking about my right to breathe smokeless air. i hear so often from smokers that they have a right to smoke if they want to. i agree most heartily. it is, in fact, their lungs, their heart, their blood, and their personal surroundings, and they can subject them to whatever substance they choose. legal or not. but their right to breathe tobacco smoke, or any other smoke, ends where my right not to begins. and this is where i have the contention.

i feel smoking should be illegal anywhere but in ones home or ones private vehicle, with the windows closed. i feel strongly this way because, although you can confine the smoker to a designated area (ideally), you cannot confine the smoke. so, when i drive somewhere, i have to keep my windows up to keep from having to breathe the smoke wafting around at so many red lights, or in slow traffic, or in the parking lot at work. but they dont have to keep theirs up to comply with my rights. when my neighbors smoke on their porches, i have to close my windows, and be denied the fresh outside air, because they want to smoke outside. my other choice is to breathe it, against my will, in spite of how it effects me, my clothes, my hair, or my belongings. or my pets.

my contention with this habit of others is due to the fact that, as i said before, you cannot confine the smoke to a designated area. if you drink, then drink to your hearts content. your beer or wine or whatever will not leap from your glass into mine. if you indulge in porn, then enjoy. your images will not float from your pages or your screen into my eyes. but if you smoke, your smoke will float, waft, and blow as the air carries it. i should not have to dodge it to avoid having to breathe it.

perhaps i wouldnt be so hot about the matter if it werent for all the jackasses who chose to light up right outside the doorways of businesses, out by their cars as they fuel up, or in their cars with their windows all down in the parking lots.

before you start in on me, understand that in my teens i was a heavy smoker. i chain smoked three packs a day for two or three years. and still, i was conscientious of how it might effect other people. many of my peers at school were as well. and we were teenagers. but people today are not so mindful of others. adults, who should know better, and should have manners at least basic, and yet they are the first to cry foul if anyone complains. they are the first to claim rights when someone protests. not all, im know, but so many.

sigh. i just get so sick of smelling it. and in oklahoma, there are more smokers than nonsmokers.