but evidently thats what we are. well the beau mostly.

it all began yesterday when he and the lady who is doing our sale were getting things separated and ready to be priced. around 3pm i think, he decided to go get a sandwich. so off he went to quiznos, and then to quik trip for lottery tickets and smoe m&ms for me. on the way back he saw an elderly man walking up the road 2 to 4 feet out into traffic, rather than on the grassy shoulder. tulsa isnt pedestrian friendly, and there are few sidewalks. the streets are full of potholes and inattentive drivers as well. this, plus the mans large sunglasses and blue umbrella quite caught his attention. he came back to the house to get me, and my camera, to prove that what he saw was real. well, i would have believed him, but im glad he came and got me. we followed him as he walked north, and was heading for a busy intersection right by the fairgrounds.

i started insisting the beau call the police, because there was obviously something not right, and the mans gait was – distracted – as he frequently stopped to look around. beau was hesitant at first, as our police – and dispatchers – are often very lacking in commitment. but i insisted more, so he did. fortunately the old man stopped at the intersection and pressed the button for the walk signal. and waited. he had already nearly been clipped by the heavy traffic once. or twice. like many people, he didnt wait for the walk light. he started to cross when the lights turned, putting him in the way of left turn traffic. nearly clipped again.

we circled around, and stopped where the old guy was now. he was now on a sidewalk, built along side the water park on the east side of the fairgrounds. i started a conversation with him, as the beau called the police a second time to make sure the officer dispatched could find us. both times he got a dispatcher who was caring and concerned, and the officer was on the way.

as i talked with the man, he seemed lucid, but all his conversation centered around his old home, and the business he used to own. he was going up to see his old house, he said. it had a chimney with a big S on it, but it wasnt an S, it was a windbreaker. hmmm. he lived with his son, and oh yes his son knew he was out. i bet not. i told him the street was dangerous, and he sai yes, he would be careful, and not cross it. then he tottered off, stopping to pick something up out in the street. yup – nearly hit again. then he crossed the southbound lanes, and made it to the center median. still trying to pick up stuff in the road he thought was a danger to traffic. just as he walked away from me, a young kid, about 18, pulled up, and said he was going to try to walk with the guy till the police arrived. we went to pull a u-turn and just then the officer arrived. i didnt see it, but just as he pulled up to the old man, the old man stepped out in front of a car and then fell. he wasnt hurt, or hit, but he did break his giant sunglasses, and scraped his leg. the officer, officer urban, got him off the road and up into the parking lot of the businesses across from the water park. he also called an ambulance to check out the old guy. we parked, and came up to listen to the conversation, in which the poor old man was now clearly upset, and more confused. he asked officer urban if the piece of old cardboard out in the road had been squished out of him when he fell. he thought he was under arrest. he didnt know where he lived. officer urban asked him if he had a wallet, which he did. the officer said it was a wise man who had put this in the wallet – im guessing information on where the old guy lived and contact numbers. officer urban called the son, who was going to come pick him up, and i think the ambulance techs took him to a hospital. we thanked the officer for being truly kind and very helpful, and seeing this through. he could have just told the guy to be careful and sent him on his way. many would have. he went the extra mile.

probably saved the old guys life.

i was going to get pictures of him, and everything else, but chose not to. turns out he was once a prominent business owner here, and now he is 90 yrs old and obviously suffering from alzheimer’s. a lot of people probably know him and his family. i didnt want to give up his identity for that reason. maybe im being silly, but …


officer urban officer urban 2

officer urban