i wonder what kind of policies, laws, and programs would be implemented if our politicians were to live like constituents after their terms were over. if they werent set for the rest of their lives with health care, retirement, and all the other perks they get that insulate them from normal life in america after even one term in office, i think their decisions, their actions, and their agendas would be very different. i dont think that many senators or representatives, governors, mayors, judges, or other titles, care much for the people who have to live with their decisions. those that do are likely so out of touch with reality that it doesnt matter if they care.

but thats just something i was thinking about recently.

we’re currently gearing up for an estate sale to get things out of the house, making the coming move much easier. we have a couple helping us, actually doing it for us mostly, because thats what they do.

my car is in the shop getting fixed, and will be ready thursday. the rental car benefit from our car insurance will pay us $50 a day whether we rent a car or not. nine days. thats almost the whole deductable. thats a blessing! and it will be a boon to my credit when i pay the credit card bill before i even get a statement.

i think its deliberate spit in the face that there is in the works to build a mosque so close to ground zero, and so close to the anniversary of the worst attack on this country since pearl harbor. there is nothing subtle about it.

but i am also dismayed that a pastor made a public display about burning the quran. its not that i believe in all that tolerance poppycock. i do not. it isnt possible to live in tolerance with people who want you dead. back in the sixties and seventies, when people were so world peace minded, i always said ‘get the russians to go first’. now i say the same thing about religious tolerance. see if muhammad will tolerate the western christian first. but thats not my point here. that pastor, by making his public display of planning to burn the quran, only incited those that see us as stupid dogs and want us destroyed. many of whom may have nothing to do with the building of the mosque in question. all he did was make a spectacle of himself and his little flock. all he did was exhibit his opinion. and in so doing kicked the hornets nest.

my bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood (ephesians 6:12). and we do not war after the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God (ll corinthians 10:3-4). muhammad is not the enemy. the devil and his lot are.

i am so glad this week is over! our four day work week felt like seven days. im still not caught up. im not sure i will be again, as long as the pace keeps up the way its been.

i need a long walk on the beach!