sad to see something like this go down. but nothing lasts forever …

 adtwin lot adtwn ashes 2 adtwn ashes 3 

                          adtwn landmark sign 1a adtwn marquee 1a


another wood construct went up in flames in portland when i was a child. that was a horrendous fire, as i remember. it was the portland forestry building, which was destroyed in 1964.

1964 Forestry Building burning

85479569, Getty Images /Archive Photos


then there is this fire house in tulsa, built in 1905, and remodeled in 1967. i housed firefighters until 1993, and then housed the public works environmental operations division. they moved out in december. looks like its going to be sold as surplus.

 fh8 front 2         fh8 no parking         fh 8 sign

fh8 bullet holes fh8 garage fh8 garage sign 

fh8 ivy fence fh8 flower fh8 ivy wall

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