… at least that i can find. since the solar flare a couple of weeks ago, and no doubt some monkeying around with live spaces again, i have no comment button to lead me to my comments. i keep an eye out in case it reappears, but so far it hasnt.


so if you have left me any comments, i am trying to find them all. its a challenge, because i dont like to wait for things to load when i have so many places to look – old posts, pictures, guest book – i get impatient too quickly, and i have limited time to spend on it. i was able to find the comment button on my ‘puter at work, but i couldnt, and still cant, leave comments from there. plus i have even less time available there for internet surfing. it has disappeared from there too, now, anyway. oh bother!

the weather has been between 102º and 107º, with heat indexes up to 115º or so for the last couple of weeks. cant keep the house much more than about 20 degrees less than outside. maybe 25 degrees. been very wilty lately. we were going to go out friday night to find a dark place in the country to watch the current meteor shower, and maybe see some green fire in the sky from the solar flare. but its just too hot even at night to venture out. it doesnt really cool off much after sundown. it just gets darker.

the fliers i print for the house have been going fast, so i know it cant be long before someone wants to see the house, fall in love with it, and buy it.

so if i dont respond to comments, its not because im ignoring any one. its just the gremlins in the system.