when msn gremlins change things just after i start to get used to the way they are, and once again i cant find comments, and i have to get used to the new larger font, and the changes to the layout of my blog and my email. still, i have an icon to sign into messenger, which i never use. never mind the fact that i have to be already signed in to get to this page in the first place.

hearing for the umpteenth time how hard poor miss lindsay lohan has it doing her whole two weeks in jail for what ever it was she got arrested for this time. i mean, the poor starlet girl! two whole weeks of her life that she will never get back again! oh thenk GAWD she’s making friends in jail! gaaagggg!

my myst game on my iphone that keeps locking up on one particular screen when im trying to get back to the main island. aghhh!

my co worker who loves to try to micro manage me, even though i am not her subordinate, and never have been. ‘here! let me drop everything im doing, so i can work on your  problem!’   sigh …   good heart, made of gold. head needs some readjusting …

rainless clouds that march across the sky, like heads of state, making promises they never plan to keep.

finally getting a call on my house, only to have it be from some 20 something real estate buck. um … no.

ok … im done. for now.  ;D

if you leave me any comments, i hope i can find them …

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