i went to the store yesterday evening to pick up a few things for the weekend. it had been one of those stiflingly hot days, the kind that breed growing pressure both atmospheric and emotional. people just generally are more addled on days like these. work had gone smoothly nevertheless, and i had the house cleaned up for the weekend, had fed the animals, and was headed to the store.

there is no shimmer in this kind of humidity, like you see in deserts out on the highways, or across the horizon. something was brewing … and the sky was filling with a strange cloud that crept in like someone pulling a blanket over us all. i was wondering if i should have brought my camera … well, i should have.

while i was shopping the beau texted me about the storm that was building. he could see it well from the shop where he is working, this being his late week. he said the tornado siren was going off there. so i wrapped up my shopping, and headed out to the car. the high temps of earlier were falling fast, and the sky was a mixture of several different … i dont quite know how to describe it. toward the northeast it was bright, golden yellowish, misty rainy looking. toward the southeast it was black as i have seen it, with gray roiling clouds within. directly to the west there was light from the setting sun shining on the underside of the body of the clouds overhead, and glimpses of green/blue sky here and there. the wind was picking up, carrying the smell of rain with it. i drove home as fast as i could without speeding too much, or dumping the contents of my sacks in the back. of course, even though i live less than a mile from the store, my house is in the midst of an older neighborhood, with trees blocking the view. i got the groceries put up quickly, and put the car in the garage just in time to miss getting drowned in a heavy rain. it was a fast moving storm, with whipping winds, and rains that fell in waves rather than sheets, and through it all an orange glow like copper light over everything.

so … i didnt get shots of the best part of this storm. but im sure i will have more opportunities before i leave this town-o

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