An Excessive Heat Warning continues through Friday evening for all of eastern Oklahoma. Afternoon temperatures will warm into the low to mid 90s but heat index values will run from 105-115 degrees. We will have a slight chance for rain on Thursday, but a much better chance for showers and storms Thursday night and Friday. Hot and humid weather will continue into the weekend with only an isolated shower or storm possible Thursday night into Friday.

for all you people who have rain this week, count your blessings. the humidity that sits here during july and august is stifling and oppressive. its not like heat from the sun, that once in the shade you can escape for a moment. rather, its a radiating heavy hotness that meets you at the door with all its weight. your skin immediately begins to try to sweat, to counter the assault, but cannot because the dampness from the humid air collects on you as if you had walked into a mist. except that its not refreshing. its sickening. the sun queen of summer must surely have dragons breath.

the heat index, i have learned about only since i moved here, is the degree of hotness you feel because of the humidity that wraps around you when youre outside, and wont let you sweat like youre designed to do. so the heat seems to accumulate inside your skin. there are around a thousand man made lakes here. this is the source of this awful heat. the lake are not, in my opinion, very pretty – not the ones i have seen. they seem stagnant and rank to me. brown. not like the crystalline blue waters from my pacific north west home. but thats me.

my beau recently began working at a shop that makes containment boom for oil spills, and is working long hours every day in this heat. its hard on him. he worked here some years ago before we met, and had acclimated to it then. but this time around, and some years later, its not as easy as it was. two guys in the cutting shop, which faces east, have it a little better. but the main shop he works in during the heat of the day is like a sweat lodge. its rough. he’s glad to have a job, but its a tough blessing.

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