friday afternoon i received a call from the realtor. she called to tell me there was going to be a showing saturday morning, about 930. then she said between 930 and 10. i said we would be at the vintage show, and that would be ok. she pressed me that it was really important to have the dogs out of the house. so i conceded – trying hard to work with her here – saying fine, i would help the beau get set up, then come all the way home and pick up the dogs, and toodle around for a bit while the house was shown, and then go back. then she pressed me how really very important it was i pull my area rugs up so those gorgeous wood floors could be seen. i explained – again – that there were things like a bed and heavy dressers on the one in the bedroom, and boxes and heavy workout equipment on the ones in the front room. i could not physically move the rugs. she said ‘its just a recommendation, my bum! she harped on me about those rugs every time we spoke. she never listened to my side. i told her i got that people liked to see the floors, good selling point, ya ya i got it. but if i cant pull them i cant pull them. didnt matter, i guess.

well, saturday we decided not to do the vintage show after all, as we were both just too tired. so we got up just a little later, got ourselves ready for the day, actually rolled back the rug in the dining room since the table there was easy for two people to move. then we loaded up the dogs in the car at 930, and drove off. about 945 we passed the house to see if there was anyone there. nope. so i called the realtor to see if she had shown the house yet. ‘oh it isnt me, its another agent. and they will be there between 945 and 1030’. she denied saying anything different. wasnt even apologetic at the misunderstanding. wont meet me half way on anything. fine. 1030. we went back at 1045, after a nice jaunt in a park, where cinnamon smelled every blade of grass, and roy demonstrated an endless supply of pee pee. there hadnt been anyone there. i called the realtor, but all she said was sometimes people dont show. it wasnt her words as much as her demeanor that always put me off. she talked to me like i was her employee. and i should know these things.

you know, the fliers in the info box ran out three times, and yet she never should the house one single time in six weeks.

we put the rug back, and proceeded to have a nice restful weekend. we had fun. we did little. we enjoyed ourselves. we relaxed.

and we decided to end this ridiculous contract.

monday i called and spoke with my realtor’s boss, and laid out my grievances, and stood my ground that i wanted completely out of the contract – not a different agent, not merely taking my house off the market. i wanted out. and i didnt want to owe anything when i do sell the house. i submitted an email stating my case and my request, and i was let go. when the realtor came by to pick up the lock box and sign, she was less than professional. but i decided to forgive the whole thing. maybe she has issues. i dont know what makes her like i see her. anyone can get their feelings hurt. i didnt want to hurt her feelings. that wasnt my goal. my goal was to get out. so i put her in Gods hands, and asked Him to bless her. nothing quells potential strife and grief like praying for someone in earnest.

by this weekend we will have the house listed again, and we will sell it ourselves.

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