i called the realtor saturday. i told her right up front i thought this whole thing was going poorly, i was most frustrated at the lack of showings, and i thought we were not suited for each other in this deal. she changed her tune instantly.

chalk one up for the more alpha alpha. she went into this whole spiel about the economy, the holiday weekend last weekend, how unusual it has been to get no calls … yada yada yada. i responded by telling her i expected some showings, as no one was going to make me any offers if they dont see the place.

‘well, they have specifications and i try to show them places in accordance with that. i dont want them mad at me.’  buyers agent. yup.

‘you can start suggesting this house even though it may not be what they say they want. they might change their minds.’  alpha female superior.

‘you dont want me to waste your time do you?’  please … it was her that said it was a numbers game.

i want you to start calling me with updates.’  afs

what about the animals?’   sigh

i already told you they are in cages when we are both gone, and will be put in cages for a showing. i am a pet owner. pet owners sell their houses just like non pet owners. they also buy houses.’ afs

she seemed rather determined to talk me out of dropping the contract, like she didnt want to lose it. fine. then work for it. i dont care what economy is like. houses are selling here just the same. school is out. people are looking. she asked me please to give it another couple of weeks – i am going to give it one. meanwhile i am going to look into closing companies, with a view to selling it myself. i am the best representative of the house anyway. then i can lower the price a bit, and make it more desirable yet.

except for this blasted heat.