so far we have only had one person call and look at the house. it would be a little discouraging if it werent for the confidence i have in my God, that He has the perfect buyer for the house, and is bringing the buyer very soon. my realtor doesnt quite get it, but thats alright. meanwhile work continues to get busier for me, while the beau continues to work on getting some estate sales in the works. im looking very forward to that! it will be a lot of work, but most rewarding financially, as well as fun. its always good to work for yourself, i think.

i finally have some new inspiration for my photography. was feeling a little dry, but the biggest obstacle is lack of time and opportunity. nevertheless, we recently watched a delightful film called ‘urban explorers’. its a documentary about young people all over who like to explore the places man has built, and then abandoned or closed down and left behind. places like an old mental hospital in scotland, the catacombs in france, a well in the everglades that houses an old rocket engine – the largest ever built. it was fascinating, and the pictures they had from their expeditions were exactly what i have been wanting to do myself. i must find a way to pursue this. there are so many possibilities!

then the is the router we purchased. this opened up a whole world of films that we can watch for free on our TV, streamed from netflix. we simply ordered the disc for use with the PS3, and set the console for wireless access to the internet, and tada! we have ‘watch instantly’ movies available right in our living room. im so pleased!

one of the film we watched was ‘supersize me’. if you havent seen it, i recommend you do. it will really open your eyes.

the weather was rainy all weekend, so we didnt have a garage sale. neither did i set up a booth at the blue dome cafe. i was going to, but we had something come up that took precedence, and then i also decided that being gone all day wasnt going to work for me. i would rather put my photos somewhere i dont have to be myself. i may set up a booth in the antique mall instead. yes, i think i will.

the flowers are just flourishing this spring. i think its because there has been a real spring this year, as opposed to two weeks of nice spring weather, and then straight to unbearable heat and humidity. of course, we did have an F2 tornado blow through tulsa wednesday morning at about 5am. it missed my neighborhood by nearly two miles, but came very close to where i work. did some damage, as they always do. i think 11 people were killed over all. i am fascinated with tornados, but i dont like them to hit populated areas. not at all.

next weekend is the neighborhood garage sale event. we will set up for certain for that. we’re already ready for it.