rather than a silver lining, my cloud seems to have had a white flakey one. we therefore chose to put off our trip to eufalah till next weekend, when the roads arent so messy and the snow isnt falling like the storm of the century. so instead i took my shots from inside the confines of my warm, cozy house. it wasnt really slick out, even with the snow falling from around 4am saturday – and it hasnt stopped yet – the ground is warm enough that it isnt that deep. the way the wind is howling through, however, is making things interesting in places. there is a grand snow shelf off the corner of the roof where the front porch joins the main, and there is popcorn snow on the porch posts. there are swirls of icy white as that wind blows over the houses as well. while i love this kind of day, im annoyed that it had to be on a weekend when i wanted to venture out. ah well, there is always next weekend.

odd thing during this pseudo blizzard, the way the starlings, the robins, and the grackles are sweeping the streets in the slush picking bugs that were caught in the spring storm. ha! no summer buzzing for you, my little nemeses’.