last monday was the last day for one of my coworkers. she had been there 15 years, and decided it was time to retire. friday we had a good bye lunch for her – in the break room, plain and simple, just like her. monday was payday, and therefore her last day. she is missed a lot, but we will see her from time to time im sure.

tomorrow we are taking a trip to eufalah, to hunt for some items for a friend, and for picture taking. ive been trying out my telephoto lens as opportunity lends itself – which isnt much when all i can do is go to work and come home. weekends havent been good to really go anywhere till now. so i do what i can. i need practice, thats for sure. but its fun, and i really like it.

i dont really have much else to talk about right now, so this will be short. but i have new pictures up.