another year under my belt. i dont feel old. i dont think i ever will feel old. outside of some spinal issues that im seeing a chiropractor for, im not willing to let my health go and blame it on old age. i dont think i have to.

our little field mouse passed last sunday. the beau found him at his previous job, sitting on the floor seeming slightly stunned by something. i imagine thats how he caught him. a field mouse in the wild has a very short life expectancy … maybe 6 months or so. in captivity they usually live about 3 ½ years. usually. brownie on the other hand – or methuselah as we often called him – lived 7 years in the glass terrarium we bought for him. he out lived 8 females we bought to keep him company. never produced any babies that we know of, but he certainly was glad to have other mice around. now there is one old female left. she seems to be doing alright by herself. its hard to say, since she isnt a really young active mouse anymore either. theyre sweet little creatures. until you want to catch them to move them so you can clean their cage. ha!

i finally got my telescopic lens. its a whole new world again.  🙂

sunday night nozi and maggie got into a bit of a fracas in the hall (what else is new) when maggie came around the corner and was surprised to run into nozi. they both hissed, as they dont get along too well. this got gizmo involved, startled by the sudden hissing. he jumped down from the beau’s lap in the computer room, where he was assisting some ebay listing, and got right into the middle of it. this caused all three cats to explode. the beau said after that they all ran in 9 directions, and now we have 27 cats. 28 counting thor, who tries to avoid the explosions. sigh.

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