what would you think of a building of twelve floors, filled with medical offices, personnel, and patients, all who will not evacuate when the fire alarm goes off. its true we have a builder bob kind of maintenance crew, and routine problems with the elevators. its true we have had many false alarms at our building, ranging from a bratty kid who pulled the alarm to simple mechanical kinks that have set it off. most of these have been during the heat of summer, with about half the building population actually exiting the doors, and about half of those actually getting away from the building. today was different. a little bit. the alarm went off right after i got back from lunch, and i had just sat down at my desk. so, as is our plan, we all left the building, following our designated route, meeting at our chosen spot safely away from the building. no one else left the building, except those leaving anyway. some could be seen milling around in the lobby. ‘‘its cold outside’’. thats ok, stay inside, youll be warmer there. there was an actual fire in the air duct between our floor and the floor below us, when a motor had caught fire. it was contained, and we were given the all clear to come back. but this time they didnt say it was a false alarm. because it wasnt. never the less we were about the only ones who actually left. one of my coworkers heard some other girls on a lower floor telling patients to go back into their office, because ‘’this kind of thing happens all the time’’.

i just dont get it. i dont care if it happens ten times in a row, and the first nine are false alarms, or even minor problems. it only takes one time to be a real danger, and it will be the last imte you get a chance to leave the building on your feet.

its a terrorists wet dream.