they didnt allow cameras. no surprise really. i was only hoping.

they performance was wonderful, however. all three acts had a careening carriage pulled by ‘horses’ that kind of danced, and some of the brides flew through the air on wires. the costumes were beautiful, the sets were awesome, the music was intense. the dancers were most captivating, and i quite lost myself in the story. im so glad we went.

the only downside was how warm it was. at least the air was on in the performance hall. but once everyone was seated and the music began, it warmed up. of course i wore my velvet cape, a Christmas gift from my mother last year that i finally had an occasion to wear. i dont care, im glad i wore it. it would have been nice if more people had dressed up. im no socialite, but its fun to dress up for things. there were a few costumes, a handful of people dressed up, and a lot of jeans. oh well. it is okieland after all. the beau dressed in his black slacks and white shirt, and looked great with his black ponytail. i love being eccentric. i have always been out there on the edge.

it was kind of unique that there seemed to be a full moon on a very clear night, and the clock set back, and it was a saturday, for the last day of october.

well, thats my first ballet. i think there will be more in the future. it would be nice to attend one in a big city. im so tired of here ….