well lets see. there’s a lot gone on since last i was here.

good news, my son and daughter in law are trying to work things out. i dont think either of them wants a divorce, they just have some issues to work out. dont we all.

the beau bought me a nice camera so i can begin working toward making and selling photo art. i still have to find out how to get copyrights for my work. but i am excited about it, and i really like the camera. i have so much to learn! the camera is a nikon D60, and it does a lot. i dont even know what all i can do with it. and i also purchased photo shop, so i can get even more creative. im already having fun with it.

i signed up for a tanning membership with ‘at the beach’, about a month after the beau signed up. they have really nice beds, and its very close to home. my goal is to get just a little color, enough to even out. i dont get very tan anyway, even after all the time i used to spend in the sun. i get light golden. but i like my white skin, and have no desire to get dark. the beau is dark, with his black hair and italian/cherokee blood. his is a reddish brown.

we finally purchased a second car. we have wanted to for some time. we used to have a cute little probe, and had just gotten it paid off, and were planning to get a second car, when the engine gave up the ghost. it had been rebuilt three years earlier, after we had driven over a stick in the road, and it had gotten caught and somehow went up into the engine and became tangled in the serpentine belt. $3K later we had a rebuilt engine, and it drove very nicely another three years. then one day, i had just dropped the beau off at work, and was beginning the drive home, when the check engine light came on and the motor went silent. there i sat at a busy intersection, just as if i were waiting for the light to turn. behind me was the alternate right turn lane that veered off for those heading south, and a little triangular island with a light pole just to my right, and the left lane to my left. i had to call a tow truck, and sit there and wait, trusting God to keep people from rear ending me. so the next car we got was not a second car, it was the new only car. that was the nissan altima we have been driving. we like nissan, however. good cars. now that it is paid for, or one payment shy of being paid for, we went last weekend and picked up another nissan. this one is a 2009 nissan versa. jet black. its a really cute little car, 4 door hatch back. we’ll be getting the windows tinted as dark as legally allowed, and tricking it out just a bit. 😀

so there you have it. now that im back in writing mode you’ll be hearing from me more again. got to take those little breaks from time to time.