the temperature this week is going to be brutal again. its ranging in the triple, 101º to 105º. but by the end of next week its supposed to drop 10 degrees. its been hard on the dogs, who go out side frequently to eliminate and get drinks of water. cinnamon had a rough day yesterday with a high of 103º, i believe. we also had been trying to wean her off the anti nausea medication, which apparently isnt going to happen right now. she threw up most of the afternoon and evening. sigh. good thing i have lots of towels, a good washer, and my rug shampooer in good working order. shes better today, and back on two pills in the morning and two pills in the evening. i felt sick myself last evening. maybe it was cleaning up so much puke – mostly water but it still smells and is harder to clean up than more solid dog food. maybe it was the few salty fritos i had for supper. or maybe just all of the above. the air conditioner works well, but its hard to keep the house cool when the temp is up so high outside. roy did ok for a portly chocolate lab, and the cats always fair well. they dont do anything. the beau was a bit stressed too, having had a wisdom tooth pulled thursday. still, we survived it, and will get through this next wave. but i am feeling a bit depressed over the thought of all that oppressive heat. i dont want to eat, or do anything outside. my garden will get watered, but i wont be working in it till this horrid hotness is passed.

my lips are looking good. all the scabbing is gone, and the color is starting to even out. august 28 i get a free touch up to refine the lines and the ink distribution. it takes about six weeks for the color to fully come out on the lips. then i will be done with it. i am considering getting my eyes done too, but i havent made up my mind yet. the lips were more important to me. it was such a blessing to have the opportunity to get them done so much more inexpensively than at regular cost.

im sad to say my son and daughter in law are splitting up. they have had a rough time for some time now. they have tried and tried to fix whatever was wrong, and gone to counseling together. but it hasnt worked out. i know God can save their marriage, but theyre going to have to submit themselves to Him first. i know that day is near. i know it in my knower. they may file for divorce, and may even actually get the divorce. but i know God is going to turn it around. you just watch.

things are changing, or are about to, at work. my friend and coworker is on the verge of retirement. the office manager is not far behind her. we still dont know who is going to be the next office manager, but i believe there is one picked out. whether it is one of the two most likely current employees, or someone from outside, i do not know. myself, i am getting my resume updated, and looking at job opening in the portland area. i know the changes at work will be for the better, but really i cannot take another summer here. i will miss my friends at work, but i have my heart set on the pacific north west. the beau says he is eager to move as well. neither of us is happy here in this state. the cons so outweigh the pros, it isnt even funny. the roads are deplorable, and the city rather fix them with the cheapest material possible, which ends up degrading in less time than it takes for new potholes to appear. and there are many potholes, and chunks missing. the bridges are also full of holes. the police department is somewhat disappointing. perhaps in some ways they are worthy, but the patrol cars routinely speed, fail to signal, fail to wear seatbelts, and other such traffic violations. it isnt mentioned much, but the number of squirrels, rabbits, and cockroaches are pretty high. the ragweed is also too plentiful. there isnt much to do here either. there is the fairgrounds, with its many gun and knife shows, its rv and boat shows, and other redneck exhibitions. there is the zoo, and an overpriced aquarium. and there is a water park that is always way overcrowded when its open. beyond that, its shopping and eating out. there are also outdoor music festivals in the summer, when its really hot. maybe i should say there isnt much to do here that appeals to me or the beau, neither of us being of a redneck persuasion. i miss the ocean, and hiking in the cool forests. i miss the museums. i miss the diverse restaurants, something beyond the usual ethnic choices. the beau i think would like real rock climbing, or maybe skiing. real outdoor fun. i dont know … i just want to move back. can you tell?

well thats a wrap for now.

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