where the heck i been? ya. i been busy thats for sure. work is work, and always busy, but not why i havent been posting much, since i cant post while im at work anyway.

caring for cinnamon has taken up time. she is really doing well now, just a little thin still. she has her energy and pep back like before that mass appeared in her abdomen. but there were a couple of rough periods when she could keep food down, but not liquid. we had been giving her anti nausea meds and she was fine, we ran out, but thought she was passed it anyway. she wasnt. so this is where the time was spent, cleaning up ‘spills’. she would walk around and kind of spew the fluids. she got a little dehydrated naturally. we purchased more of the anti nausea meds, and i found a brand of canned food that has less water in the contents, and now she is doing wonderfully. she is no longer dehydrated, and starting to show more weight gain. she is back to guarding the grill, our dinner, or the bags of groceries on sunday morning. she is so funny that way …

sunlit cin 3       chewin the bone

friday i had the day off. ironically, i was the beaus birthday, and i had scheduled it off planning to surprise him. turns out he couldnt get off that day. but it worked out, because my dentists assistant had an opening to do my lips friday. so i am writing this with a swollen upper lip. i had to drive to bristow, about 35 miles from tulsa, where the school is. $150 vs $600, it was worth the trip. she gave me gas to relax me, and several blocks to numb my mouth, and then did the tattooing. i got a nice berry brown color. it will look good bare or under lipstick. only took a little over an hour. im really glad i did it. my lips will be swollen for a couple of days, and they will scab up a bit for a few days. but then the color will come back, and it will be worth the inconvenience. on the up side, i really have no pain. i felt a little bit of pain on the side of my upper lip during the tattooing, where it just didnt want to get numb. but im very good at going somewhere else when i have to endure pain. it wasnt that bad really. stinging.

lips before                                         lips after 2

the heat has been brutal this week. its been triple digit temps for five days. today the prediction is 103º or 104º. im not doing anything outside till this lets up. my garden needs my attention, but it will have to wait. the temp is supposed to drop ten degrees tomorrow, and be back down in the 90s again. the last time it was over 100º in june here was 1937. sigh. i looked up the temps in portland to compare, and they were in the 70s and 80s. why am i here again?

there was a really back wreck on one of the highways north east of here yesterday. nine people died. somehow, a semi ended up on top of two cars. they were crushed beyond belief. it was horrid. the thai restaurant we frequent usually has the TV on early in the evening, and the news was on when we went for supper. it was really a bad accident. i think this kind of heat jacks with people. i experience four near misses this week myself, each time nearly getting hit broadside. i admit i drive a little fast – not like the girls at work think i do however. but i drive extremely defensively, and i keep my eyes on the road. i dont text at all, or talk on my cell phone unless i absolutely have to, and then its on speaker. i dont let those conversations distract me from my driving. i plan ahead as i drive, and i watch the side traffic and who is coming up behind me. i expect people to do stupid things. the beau says im a natural driver, i am instinctive. true, i think. i dont have rigid rules. i feel it. i depend wholly on God too. i wouldnt be out there without Him. im not above making a mistake, and i have no control over how other people drive. i see so much that makes me cringe. i see drivers paying more attention to their passengers than to the road or the other drivers. i see drivers rigidly looking straight ahead, and driving as if theyre afraid to look around. i see competitive drivers who have to be first. i see oblivious drivers who pay no mind to other drivers. that is in addition to the drivers on cell phones, and the drivers who simply dont act like they know how to drive, what the rules are, or how to operate their signals. its a crazy world out there on the roads. add triple digit heat, and its no surprise accidents happen. its worse than rain.

im sorry to hear about the recent celebrities that have died recently. but i am getting tired of hearing about them now. especially one whose death the media seems to be eclipsing everything else with. was he really more important than anyone else who had died recently? only more well known. sigh.