cinnamon is starting to do better. wednesday will be two weeks since her surgery to remove what turned out to be a leiomyoma – a smooth muscle tumor – from her stomach. the surgeon told me how this one had a large base, and was partly in her stomach, and he removed about 25% of her stomach. he then sewed it back together, and reattached the small intestine. feeding her since then has been a trial, to be sure. she did really well with canned dog food before the surgery, when i first started feeding her small meals more often. but she seemed still thin, so we switched from chicken to turkey, which seemed better. after the surgery, i resumed with small meals, and we tried baby food as well to make it easy on her. after a week she started tossing everything she ate. then she began to refuse everything – the canned turkey dog food, the turkey baby food, the dry regular food, and even the occasional cat food treat. she didnt refuse ice cream or yogurt, so we knew she still wanted to eat. yesterday the beau said he was going to get her some steak with fat, and grill it and cut it into small bites, knowing she will not refuse that. this gave me an idea. i had some canned chicken on hand, which i offered her in small amounts, and she scarfed it up without tossing it again later. sigh of relief! its something, and she is keeping it down. what a challenge this has been.

the weather has turned hot now. we had a neighborhood garage sale yesterday, which we took part in, and got rid of some things we had long been wanting to part with. actually, we sold most of what we had put out, and made almost $200 as well. the rest will go to the animal aid thrift store near here.

next friday i have a dental appointment to be assessed for cleaning. sigh. but the dental tech is learning cosmetic tattooing, and need a subject to a full lip fill in. i just happen to be wanting to get that done, but havent yet because it isnt cheap. the beau found this out when he went to this dentist a couple of weeks ago, the day he went to pick up cinnamon from the vet hospital. im looking forward to talking to her about this. i would like a nice berry color tattooed on my lips. lip color that never smears. yes there will be pics.

have a nice sunday  🙂