last wednesday cinnamon had surgery to remove the mass that had come up in her abdomen. it turns out it was on her stomach rather than her liver, a finding that the vets were all relieved to see. they say its much better to find a mass there rather than on one of the filtration organs. i had to take a half day vacation and drive her down to oklahoma city, about an hour and a half away. i left after dropping the beau off at work, about 545am, and got there about 730. time to find a bathroom, and take cinnamon out for some relief as well. got checked in a little after 800, and consulted with the surgeon. surgery went well, and she was taken next door to the emergency hospital for the night, for monitoring. the beau took the next two days off, and drove out to pick her up thursday afternoon. what a woozy dog. they told us she would have some nausea, and may not want to eat sometimes, for a few days.

uh huh.

im going to have to get my rug shampooer fixed, since it was damaged during the ice storm last year. i thought it would be alright in the garage, but i guess it got too cold. i always rinse it well, so i know its not clogged.


but she is eating some. we have to watch the water intake, because she gets a big drink, and then bleah! so lots of little drinks and bites of food. today this should start abating, and she should be returning to normal. small price to pay to have our dog getting better.

speaking of price, we paid a lot for sammy over the years, during her health issues, but all in small increments. this was in three sums of

  1. $480 for the initial x-rays and ultrasound
  2. $1800 for the surgery
  3. $850 for the balance due

yeah i know its a lot, and many people either would put the dog down, or live with it. but we had the means, since i got my first credit card ever recently, so i used it for the two larger expenses. i have no interest for the first year, so it was wonderful timing. thats just the way we are. the pets are part of our family.

yesterday was my early day off. nice way to start my long weekend. thursday morning, before he left to pick up cinnamon, the beau had a dental appointment. turns out the dental hygienist is learning to do cosmetic tattooing, and happens to need a volunteer to have the lips done. huh. i just happen to have been wanting to do that. not just the liner, but the whole lip surface. ooo what a treat! at some point i want to also get a flock of crows on my back, across my shoulders. but the lips are more important to me right now. a nice rich berry color is what i would like. and the price is right as well. *big smile*

the weather is beginning to warm up now. still, it isnt repulsively hot yet, like it usually is by now. huh. must be the global warming. all i know is im pleased with the weather so far this year, and my garden is happy.

i recently saw a dancing mockingbird again. i havent seen one doing back flips on a light pole in a long time. we had gone out for thai food, and saw one on a pole singing and flipping into the air like a gymnast. most beautiful to see. i love mockingbirds. ive seen more live wildlife this year than in previous years here. raccoons, foxes, peregrine falcons, and the turkey vultures are back where i work. being on the eighth floor affords a nice view of flying fowl in the area. there is a pair of the vultures that live somewhere near our building. theyre huge birds, and majestic in flight, even if they arent a pretty bird else wise.

well, time to get my day going. ive lolly gagged enough for one morning.

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