seems lately i just cant get sat down here long enough to actually compose a finished entry. if i get something started, it gets interrupted and i lose the momentum. the entry then gets deleted, or filed in drafts. going back to it can be a challenge, because i have to get the same inspiration back to finish what i was saying.

this morning i have a little time to spend here, and do some catching up.

the other girl who was renting next door moved out last week, as well. i guess she couldnt afford it by herself. miss thangs car was still in the garage, as it was mostly undrivable from a previous collision. the girl drinks, go figure. most of her other belongings were sold at other girls garage sale, so when she moved out, she asked the family across the street to keep it in their garage till some money owed was paid back, or something. i wouldnt have gotten that involved, considering the animosity between the two. yesterday miss thang came by with her pisser boyfriend to retrieve the car, and anything else she left behind. since they couldnt get into the house or the garage, she called the police. we had our windows open, since it has been so unseasonably cool out, so we could hear what she was telling the officer who responded. at some point during all this she had been in jail for five days for shoplifting. how ironic. she filed a report with the officer for her stuff, and he left. she and pisser boy left, heading for parts unknown northbound. while the beau went out to see if he could determine where they were headed, i saw the neighbor who had the car in her garage, and went over to warn her that the police were now involved. thats when i found out they werent harboring it, merely storing it. still, shes a nice neighbor, and i wanted her to know. i asked her if she wanted to drive around a bit to see if there were any of the vehicles connected to miss thang parked nearby, but we didnt see any. miss thang probably wont do anything to us, but this is our neighborhood, and we dont want anything crazy to happen either. she is the kind that i would expect to have some kind of weapon available. if not her, then her cohorts for certain. i have seen gunfire on the street i was living on, just three houses down, as people were in conflict with each other.

so much drama.

as promised, i have pictures of my garden. im pleased with it this year.

we will be taking cinnamon to oklahoma city for surgery in the next couple of weeks. the oncologist that our vet spoke with seems to think its likely not cancer, since there is no sign of it elsewhere in her body, and her blood work looked good. it needs to be removed just the same. she isnt quite as active or energetic as usual, but her appetite is as good as ever, and she is happy. she still thinks she needs to bark at every dog who violates her authority over her street. she enjoys exerting her authority.

work is the same. busy as ever.

my son and daughter in law are moving into a house, because they need the room now that sienna is walking. the marines still pay for it, so i say go for it. theyre doing well.

im so enjoying this spring. its been very cool for this time of year here. cool and rainy. no wonder my garden is so happy. my coworkers are complaining that its ‘cold’. pththth. nice to have it like this for a change, rather than in the upper 90s and humid, tornados, and all that.

so until next time …